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Two Way Radios in Allen Park

DeltaCom is a Wireless Communications company that was established in the City of Detroit in 1957 as Mobile Electronic Specialties and specialized in Two-Way Radio Design, Installation and Maintenance for business, industry and Public Safety.   Mobile Electronic Specialties was founded by William A Zimmerman as a service and repair company. Several years later, a 2-Way radio Sales division was established as Electronic Communications Co.  We service two way radios in Allen Park Michigan.

The Birth of DeltaCom

After working for Mobile Electronics Specialties for more than 10 years, John Zimmerman formed DeltaCom,  acquired and merged the 3 organizations. Throughout its history, DeltaCom has performed many different tasks in the wireless industry.  In the early years, service was the primary focus and performed on manufacturers like RCA, Aerotron and Motorola two way radios. Since the early years of Tube type radios, we have either sold or serviced commercial two way radios from Motorola, General Electric, RCA, E F Johnson, Uniden, Icom, Standard, Tait, Vertex, Bendix King, Repco, Comco, Midland, and Nextel.

We Have The Experience You Can Count On

Deltacom has experience with a number of wireless technologies as well.  Some of the most common are Low Band analog, VHF (Very High Frequency) analog and digital, UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Analog and Digital, 800 MHz LTR Trunking, MIRSIden Nextel and more.  DeltaCom helped built one of the largest 800 MHz LTR trunking systems, made by E F Johnson Co., in Michigan with over 3 sites and 26 channels. That system merged with another by PowerFone and ultimately Nextel.

Kenwood Two Way Radios

 Two Way Radios in Allen ParkKenwood (AKA JVC/Kenwood) 2 way radios are our most popular product at this time and DeltaCom has continued in its expertise by building one of the largest all-digital, wide area, long range twway radio systems with over 22 sites covering much of Michigan and Ohio.  This modern all Digital system, uses Kenwood’s Nexedge NXDN technology and covers from Pt Huron to Muskegon and Saginaw to South of Toledo with almost seamless mobile coverage. Started just afew years ago with just 3 sites, our Two-Way Digital Network (Digi-Net) continues to grow with more sites, capacity and coverage.  Some of our sites are located in or near well known cities, like, Detroit, Southfield, Novi, Pontiac, Pt Huron, Lansing, Toledo, Bad Axe, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and many more.

Quality You Can Count On

Our Kenwood Digital radios using Nexedge NXDN technology has the ability to provide crisp, clean and clear audio even in a weak signal environment, giving it more coverage than an analog radioDigitial radios also have a number a features that make it the clear choice, like GPS, Messaging, individual calling direct connect PTT, status messaging, unique ID, privacy, security and many more.  You get privacy plus security because no one can monitor your conversation, stealing calls or plotting nefarious acts against the public.

GPS and Vehicle Tracking

In addition to the best two way radios and systems, DeltaCom provides a variety of GPS (Global Positioning System) or AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) products and services.  Most of the JVC/Kenwood digital radios come with an internal GPS board for easy deployment of AVL services. This allows for vehicle tracking with your 2-Way radios at a fraction of the cost of most other GPS/AVL service providersBlue Tooth is also a relatively new feature being employed by Kenwood for data transfer and audio accessories.

Only The Best 2 Way Radios Will Do

JVC/Kenwood acquired E F Johnson Co. and Zetron several  years ago. E F Johnson has always been known for making High-Quality Communication equipment and specialized in infrastructure like Repeaters, while Zetron manufacturers hi Quality Consoles and interfaces for the wireless industry.  These mergers have given Kenwood an advantage in the Public Safety arena, providing a complete packages for Police Departments, Fire Departments, Public Services (DPW), Hospitals, Ambulance and other First responders.

Building Advanced Wireless Systems

While Professional two-way radio systems have been DeltaCom’s core business, extensive installation and maintenance experience has been obtained in the BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).  As a Technical Partner with Cellular Specialties Inc (CSI) for more than 10 years, DeltaCom acquired a diverse skillset for In Building wireless systems, which allows radios, phones, pagers and more to work just like they do outside in a strong signal environment.  In other words, many radios and phones have problems in buildings or other difficult to cover area like tunnels and alike but a BDA/DAS system can make hard to serve areas work better than if they were outside in a strong signal area. These projects have made DeltaCom familiar with Passive and Active DAS systems employing coax and Fiber Optic based distributed systems by Manufacturers like Corning Mobile Access, Andrew, ADRF, Tyco, ADC, Commscope, CSI and Many more.

Fleet Management Systems

DeltaCom has experience in Fleet Management systems like those made by Trimble and Garmin and employ several sensors around construction vehicles, like a cement Mixer, where these sensors track not only location but water added to drum, direction of drum (load vs unload), water clean up, geo fencing and more.  PTOs on Gravel trains and Tow trucks can instantly trigger events or alerts to advise and alert dispatchers of vehicle operations.

The Demand For Driver Safety

With the extensive use of Cell Phones today, driver safety had been a serious issue.  Many Cities and States have enacted stiff fines and penalties for cell phone use in a vehicle under distracted driver laws.  MDOT and or USDOT basically outlines safe communication use as a one touch, eyes stay on the road, device. Holding a Cell phone, smart phone and or touching a keypad is clearly a violation and this makes 2-Way radio the perfect solution.  Battle Creek Michigan enacted a law preventing Cell Phone Use. Chicago also has cell phone laws and frequently on the radio you will hear about Police departments collaborating in Sting operations for distracted driving like on M-59 from Mount Clemens to Highland, MI.  Our radios, like those used by police and fire are a compliant communications medium. Keep your personnel and equipment safe by using the fastest and safest way to communicate to one or many with Kenwood 2 Way Radios.

Two Way Radio Accessories For All Industries

There are many accessory items available that can help keep your staff safe, like surveillance kits that allow a user to hear incoming messages privately and directly into the ear canal via a comfortable and inconspicuous ear bud and lapel microphone.  These devices are designed so that Security staff does not stand out and can communicate without drawing attention to themselves. Carrying holsters, Helmet communications, Hi Noise Headsets, Tactical Throat Mics and many other accessories help keep our church goers, students, airports and arena patrons safe every day without anyone even knowing they exist.

Two Way Radios For Every Need

DeltaCom has always focused on radio users that have a serious need for reliable 2-Way radio communications, generally commercial 2 Way radio users but consumer and recreational  radio users can obtain GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), BRS (Business Radio Service), FRS (Family Radio Service), UMRS (Universal Mobile Radio Service) ,…from us as well. While Kenwood makes the best 2 way radios available, other manufacturers like Icom, Midland, Cobra, and more make radios for the general public. 

FCC Compliance and Application Processing

Radios like those in the FRS pool of frequencies are available without a need for FCC applications and authorizations but most end users of Commercial Communications equipment do need to file for, and obtain, an FCC license.  DeltaCom can help guide you through a complex FCC application process, however, when you operate on DeltaCom’s Digi-net service, no end user license is required. End users operate under the authority of DeltaCom’s Exclusive use licenses.

Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTTOC)

One of the newest forms of communications and will be a hot seller is POC (PTTOC) which stands for Push To Talk Over Cellular.  With the advent of new technologies like CRAN, 5G, LTE and the likes, POC allows for packet data to provide Voice, GPS and Data services at a fraction of the cost of previous switched circuit technologies.  While Kenwood makes a great product, we also offer UleFone and KiriSun handheld devices. POC offers Nationwide Service, practically anywhere you can use a cellphone and can generally be carrier agnostic with Voice and GPS for as little as $20.00 per unit per month and GPS only for as little as $10.00 per unit per month.  

As you can see, DeltaCom’s history and experience makes us the best choice in Michigan for your communication needs.

Two Way Radios in Allen Park