Unlimited Airtime

With trunked radios, you don’t pay by the minute for your staff to talk to each other. Instead you get Unlimited Airtime each month for as little as $10.00 per unit. No phone numbers to dial, just press to talk and you are instantly in contact with your entire staff, and it’s private. You don’t hear other company’s conversations and they can’t hear yours.  Your business incurs several monthly over-head costs (payroll, rent, utilities, taxes) that are difficult, if not impossible to reduce. With our trunked radios, you can take control of your airtime expenses and reduce your cellular bills immediately and permanently. Every month you know exactly how much you are spending without the worry of per minute billing.

Monthly Airtime

The monthly charge per radio ranges from $10.00 to $20.00* (Price per radio depends on the number of systems or towers that are used and also features). This monthly charge is for unlimited use per radio. Unlike cellular and some other systems, we do not round up to the next minute or care how much you talk. Use it as much as you like!
* Price may vary upon required service, text messaging, GPS etc.